Live Streaming Every Sunday at 8pm CDT on Twitch

Hi friends!

Hope you are having a good weekend, staying safe and healthy. DJing for you live every Sunday night on Facebook has really helped me through this time. The response has been great and I truly appreciate everyone who has tuned in. 

I’m excited to be moving to an even better platform called Twitch ( – and let me tell you WHY. 

DJ streams on Facebook are plagued by stream interruptions, temporary muting or outright cancellation. I’ve tried playing only underground tracks, remixes and mash-ups. Most times I can’t fill requests, for fear of ending the stream and having to start over. At first it was a fun challenge, but it has become increasingly frustrating, not being able to play the songs I and, more importantly, YOU want to hear. 

So, I’m moving my livestreams to Twitch. I’ve been hanging out on there a lot lately. It looks good, feels more interactive and sounds better. Best of all… the streams don’t drop out. You can tune in from your computer, phone or television. You can also access Twitch right on your Apple TV or other streaming device. No slinging, no bluetooth required. 

You don’t need an account to tune in, but if you’d like to participate in the chat (and I hope you will, that’s part of the fun), it is free and easy to sign up at You can also get notified when I go live, if you’d like.  

Thank you again for being so supportive. These streams have been a really fun and unexpected way to stay in touch. I hope you will follow me over to, starting this Sunday at 8pm CDT.

See you there,


About 72rogers

World Class DJ in Austin, Texas
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